Thursday, December 13, 2007

If i could go anywhere in the world on vacation, it'd be Noosa. My favourite brand of clothing is Roxy. I want to retire by the beach or and place by a waterfront i need the water i am at peace when i am by the sea. so preferrably the carribean yeah!

My favourite time of the day issunrise because a feeling comes over you las if you are rebourne and it is refreshing in a sense and i like sunsets - the colour of the sky in indescribable and seeing the stars pop out is great and it makes you feel so beautiful and great to have gone through another day

hmmm i cna't eat hot food but would f i could.. ohhh i like to think that i don't hate anything in this world but if there is one thing that i know i do hate that is PROMITE!! grrr.. Myfavourite crisp flavour is ORIGINAL PRINGLES and smiths salt and viniger and third place would have to go to red rock delhi honey and soy chips mmm. My favourite CD at the moment is by Alicia Keys and i drive a 4wd toyota landcruiser yer i like my men like i like my cars BIG AND STRONG BABY!! I despise fakeness, rudeness, ignorance, arogance, agressiveness but you will find i am a very tolerant person.